REVIEW: Ancient America Magazine

I will be giving some information over the next few months about my road trip that I just returned from.

The first thing I want to cover is my trip to the Ancient Artifact Preservation Society annual conference in the Upper peninsula of Michigan. While there, I spent some time with Wayne May, who is the editor in chief with Ancient American Magazine and has been for over 20 years.

He handed me this issue of Ancient American that I relished over. I read every word of this issue the first day there and realized that much of this special issue covering Cumorah Land was a big basis for season 2 of Hidden in the Heartland. Cumorah is a key to our research in defending the Heartland Model.

The first article goes right to DeWitt Clinton, a key individual in reporting what is found in and around New York in the early days of America. He was governor of New York very early in the 1800’s, and provided much of the information for Squire in writing “Antiquities of New York”. It was his opinion that there was a far larger and more advanced society that lived here in New York then we will ever know. He also played a great role in the establishment of the Church by his creation of the Erie Canal.

This issue also includes early, pre-first vision articles in Palmyra that talk of archeology in the area denoting battles in and around Palmyra, and referring to their remains.

Letter VII is also a topic of discussion with Oliver Cowdery telling his side of the story in the Hill Cumorah (more on that in another article).

There were many instances of stories and ancient sites, including forts such as the Genesee County Hill Fort, which is one of 20 sites in and around the area.

It is my suggestion to find this issue and order it from Ancient America.

Ancient American Magazine

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